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Published: July 7, 2014

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2014

For Kii Naturals President, Sujay Shah, being recognized through this program is an opportunity to network and celebrate the strong efforts and successes of the business.  “The EY program helps keep our entrepreneurial spirit active with our partners, customers and staff to ensure we maintain our high standards and competitive edge now and in the future.”  says Sujay Shah.  Today, the vision is solidified for Kii Naturals to drive forward with more innovation that includes the finest ingredients from trusted farms around the globe.  

“This year’s finalists prove that the future of entrepreneurship in our country is brighter than ever,” says Colleen McMorrow, EY’s National and Ontario Entrepreneur Of The Year program director. “After 21 years of Entrepreneur Of The Year in Canada, we’re still amazed at how these leaders continue to defy the odds and the impossible. They are pushing their boundaries and propelling our country forward.”                                                 

Sujay Shah EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Sujay Shah Being Interviewed