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Published: February 24, 2016

Trade in the cookies for something better!

After school, long car rides and outdoor adventures need healthy snacks to keep you and the kiddos going. Having your pantry full of Kii’s Artisan Crisps will make snack-time easy and guilt-free. Here are just a few 'kid approved' ideas that will delight the kids so you can trade-in the cookies and chips for good:

• Nutty Banana Tower
• Chunky Cheese’n Crisps
• Dollops & Drizzles
• Almond Hummus with Sticks


Try this delicious recipe made with our new Organic Cranberry Cashew Crisps:

  • Wash your favourite organic apples
  • Slice the apples thinly using a spiralizer or processor (with peel on)
  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees 
  • Use a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  • Place apple slices in single layer on the tray
  • Dust the slices with ground cinnamon, or grind cinnamon sticks
  • Place in oven, check in about 45min and turn them over. Since they are thinly sliced, I check every 10 mins afterwards, it may take another 1 hour. Every oven can differ slightly so keep a close eye so they don’t burn. You want most of the moisture out so they are crisp.
  • In a bowl, add a generous amount of cream cheese – we used yummy Laughing Cow brand. 
  • Add some cinnamon and with a fork whip the cheese and cinnamon until it’s thoroughly mixed.
  • Spread the cheese on each crisp, top with apple slices and enjoy a couple to yourself before the kids eat them all...go ahead we won't tell;-) 

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