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Published: November 15, 2016

Life Demands You

It’s true, life does demand you. During those busy stressful days, it can be a struggle to get all of the nutrients your body needs. That is why we created the Wholefood Blend™ as it helps provide an all-in-one blend of wholesome and nutrient rich ingredients to nourish a busy life. 

For your body to receive the great nutritional values from these blends, we use our PureMill™ method which includes multiple levels of granulation to ensure that the right proportion of ingredients are carefully  blended to maintain their natural oils, flavour and colours.   

 Digestion starts from the moment food enters your mouth.

  • The whole seeds and whole fruits used in our Wholefood Blend™ encourage the body to chew. Chewing starts the salivation process which prepares the body for optimal absorption of the nutrients. In addition, chewing has many other health benefits like giving your teeth a workout and removing bacteria to prevent buildup and decay and promote strong healthy teeth.
  • The cracked, milled and powdered ingredients are easy on the digestive system as they are already broken down to absorb easily in the body.  

These healthy blends with their unique textures create a more complex and in-depth taste profile that can enhance your favourite foods.

  • Elevate plain yogurt or oatmeal
  • Add some texture to salads
  • Top your ice cream….just because a busy day now and then deserves it ;-)


Be good to yourself. Smile :)

For more information on Wholefood Blend™ visit http://www.kiinaturals.com/products/smile-natural-foods/