Sujay's Journey

My passion for food was ignited during my first business trip to Turkey at age 15.

Growing up, frequent travels allowed me to immerse myself in a variety of cultural experiences as well as learn about a lot of different natural ingredients. This allowed me to develop my vision of creating a line of all-natural specialty foods.

Personally, it was my passion for traditional eastern martial arts that led me to embracing the idea of Ki – the life force and energy inherent in all living things.

I began to realize that my passions for food and martial arts were connected. Over-processing foods not only robs them of their natural goodness but robs them of their Ki as well.

This deep connection between the things I’m passionate about inspired me to leverage my family’s expertise and create a company that would give young families the opportunity to easily incorporate healthier food choices into their lives.

Surround yourself with goodness. Be simple. Stay balanced.