Ambassador Jenny

"Life can be simple with a whole lot of flavour!"  #livingkii

Living a balanced life comes with many rewards of personal value, peace of mind and overall health. It takes work but, once you find your rhythm with the things you enjoy it can bring a great harmony to life.

Kii Naturals believes that balance, moderation and variety are a foundation for good nutrition. Our new Ambassador Jenny shares that belief and is on a mission to spread her wealth of knowledge and experiences to people active for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur, and Mommy Blogger who has coached thousands of women using a very flexible approach with food variety, fitness and lifestyle being of the utmost importance to her. Each day she motivates hundreds of her own clients from around the world including providing daily wellness tips on her website and various social media pages. As a Coach and motivator, Jennifer has a unique connection with each of her ‘Strong Girls’ and ‘Strong Mommies’ that stems from sharing her own wellness journey.

Kii is thrilled to have Jenny on the team as she will share her practical health and wellness tips, delicious recipes and life’s moments to inspire those on the journey to living Kii. Join us and share how you are #livingkii everyday.